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The world’s most effective
anti-pollution mask

More breathable than N100 standard. Feel the highest protection ever.

Proudly designed and engineered in France 🇫🇷 since 2016

Awarded and Supported by the International Entrepreneurs community

The most effective and best value mask worldwide

The best protection against air pollution, virus, pollens...

More efficient filtration than the N100 standard

The R-PUR Nano® mask is the most effective solution in the world at the moment. With its 5 filter layers, it filters out gases, odors, pollen, bacteria, viruses, fine/very fine particles, diesel particles and toxic particulate matter (PM) linked to air pollution.

R-PUR Nano® is the first truly effective nanofiltration solution against harmful particles that are extremely fine.

Bacteria - Nanoparticles


Laboratory tested



High filtration

Bacteria / Virus / Pollen






with glass


With full-face helmet

Our mission : keeping you healthy

Flavien and Mathieu met in Korea in 2014 during their studies. Back to France, regular bikers, they started to suffer from air pollution.

Without any good solution, they decided to create the ideal mask to protect themselves from air pollution.

Now, our objective is to protect your health from air pollution and virus.

Get a full protection all day long

We adapted R-PUR masks according to your needs : cycling, motorcycling and sport

Would that be a fit for you ?

For cyclists and runners

The R-PUR Nano Light anti-pollution mask is suitable for cyclists and runners. Ultra-light and breathable, reflective for safety at night,. It’s your new companion to protect you every day.


For motorbikers

The R-PUR Nano One anti-pollution mask is suitable for motorcycling. It benefits from anti-fog and thermo-control technology. Compatible will all helmets, comfortable and effective, it will protect you all day.


For fashion enthusiasts

In a context of environmental crisis, R-PUR is collaborating a second time with the French designer Marine Serre to offer you a reflective model with the iconic moon. Limited edition.

Technology for your health

The R-PUR mobile app is available exclusively with your R-PUR Nano® mask. 

It allows you to track the usage of your filter to know exactly when to replace it.

Each filter has a unique individual certificate to ensure its authenticity. When installing your new filter, a verification process will be enabled by scanning a unique QR Code on your mobile app.

+ 50 000 users protected by R-PUR around the world

Easy to use. I wear it while cycling. Really effective against air pollution.
Josh C.
High quality product. I feel the difference since I have it. Very effective to prevent my pollen allergies.
Anna D.
Comfortable and high breathability. No fog on my glasses.
Daniel B.
Super satisfied. The customer care team is very reactive for all my questions.
Odile V.
Great protection ! The app is convenient to check the filter usage.
William D.
Perfect during high pollution peak and pollen season.
Tony F.
Very satisfied by the product. When I moved to NYC, my asthma went bad due to air pollution. My Nano Light prevent me from breathing harmful gases during my bike trips.
Jessica C.
I use it during my daily commuting. It fits perfectly my needs. Fast delivery. Great customer service.
Julia C.

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