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The last mask you'll ever buy, PROMISE.

Discover the new FiiT® anti-pollution mask by R-PUR

6,000 masks already pre-ordered: Delivery end February 2022 for new orders 🌱

Create the mask of your dreams

The FiiT® mask is the first mask in the world to offer over 400 possible combinations. The new designs below will be available in 2022.

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for life 🌱

No need to change your mask, just replace your filter.

A filter lasts between 6 and 12 weeks on average, depending on your actual use.

Good for you, good for the environment, no need to throw away your mask every day.

handmade quality since 2015;Aider des milliards d’individus dans la protection de leur santé

FiiT® is the most effective anti-pollution mask in the world.

It has 8 layers of filtration to protect you from fine particles and nanoparticles, pollens, bacteria, viruses, gases and odours.

The patented R-PUR technology developed in France is the first in the world to protect you from nanoparticles as small as 20 nanometres.

So comfortable
you'll forget about it

The FiiT® mask has been designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

It's time to take care of your ears with the new FiiT-IT™️ attachment system.

Breathe like never before with our ultra-breathable technical fabrics.

300% more breathable mask

Warm air is expelled quickly to improve wearing and breathing comfort.

Comes with a Stop-valve® for the moments or places that require blocking exhaled air, such as on a plane.


Get detailed information on the quality of the air around you in real time and choose your own personal exposure notifications.

Never throw away a usable filter again. The app tells you the best time to replace it.

60.000 satisfied customers

Since 2016, R-PUR has protected more than 60,000 wearers, with its first Nano range dedicated to active people, cyclists and bike riders.

Born from a desire to protect everyone from the risks found in the air, the new FiiT® range meets the needs of today's pedestrians completely.

A team available
in 1 click

Pre-order with confidence today.

If you change your mind, ask for a refund in one click.

No questions asked.

FiiT® a project
born in 2019

Two years passed between the idea of the Fiit® mask and its launch.

An unprecedented wear comfort thanks to innovative materials. A contemporary design opening up endless possibilities for customization.

The last mask
you'll ever buy, PROMISE.

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